How to Install Roofing Shingles – Should You Use a Hammer Or Nail Gun?


Assuming that you’re searching for data on the best way to introduce material shingles, you’ve come to the perfect locations. On the whole, a brief tale…


quite a while back I made a lifelong change, going from a comfortable work area work working in cooled solace to material in the intense intensity of Southwest Florida in August.


My most memorable occupation was introducing a second layer of shingles on a little house in Cape Coral, Florida. When the manager was fulfilled that I knew how to introduce material shingles appropriately, he let me finish the work without help from anyone else.


I’m certain he had no clue about that it would accept me as long as it did. I had three things conflicting with me…


Most importantly, I was flabby and not used to working outside in the intensity. Second, I was excessively fastidious, going for flawlessness rather than greatness.


Yet, my most serious issue was introducing great many material nails with a sledge since I didn’t have a nailer. Quick hand nailing is a workmanship and I was no craftsman!


So every day the manager dropped by to perceive how I was doing. The quality was fine, yet my advancement was agonizing. Be that as it may, I was on piecework, so it didn’t exactly make any difference much to him what amount of time it required.


Be that as it may, as a large number of days went by, it turned into a major joke. Not in the least did the supervisor come by, yet different roofers and 12 ga shot companions of the manager came by. Not a solitary one of them could accept what amount of time it was requiring for me to introduce material shingles and every one of them just needed to see it for themselves. I recollect them attempting to hide their grins.


At long last, following nine days the occupation was finished. As the supervisor paid me the $200 I had coming, he inquired as to whether I was certain I needed to introduce material professionally. Whenever I let him know I did, he said he better get me a pneumatic nailer… since I planned to starve at that rate!


Since I had a spouse, three children and a major home loan, I could never have concurred more.


The following position went a lot quicker and more straightforward, on account of the pneumatic material nailer. I found I could introduce material nails multiple times quicker with the nailer than with my sledge.


Assuming you will rooftop your own home, you stand to save great many dollars… in any case, it’s a difficult situation. You ought to have the option to legitimize getting the devices that will make the occupation speed up and more straightforward. What’s more, no instruments will assist you with introducing material shingles quicker and simpler than a pneumatic nailer and blower.


There are many great models accessible, yet my inclination is a Hitachi NV45AB2 for the nailer and a Porter Cable 150 PSI hotcake blower.


You could lease them, yet the costs have descended so a lot, you will most likely be in an ideal situation purchasing. That will likewise permit you to work at your own speed and you could sell the devices after the gig, recovering quite a bit of their expense.


A few old folks actually favor hand nailing on the grounds that they say a pneumatic nailer advances placing the nails in some unacceptable spot. In any case, I say you can place the nails perfectly positioned or some unacceptable spot with one or the other instrument.

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